Cane Corso in black and blue

What make are pups so Special?

The Blue Gene:  The blue gene is a recessive color gene.  Both parents of a dog must carry this gene for a pup to be blue.  At birth, dogs who are blue will be 'grey' or 'silver' in coloration, not the usual black.  The blue gene is a Dilute gene, meaning it dilutes all the black pigment of a dog.  This means Blue dogs have grey nose leather, and a grey 'dusted' appearance to their coats.  The blue coloration can very from a very light 'powder' blue to a very dark, almost indistinguishable 'steel' blue.  Blue dogs will also have very light eyes, often being very blue at a young age, and as the dog grows, going through varying shades of green and yellow, often ending up yellow or a light shade of brown.

Bruno working in the River

Bruno (Rare SteelBlue)        PUPS ARE  HERE!!!!


We promote pure bred Cane Corsos that have a sound temperament.

Our kennel is known for larger heads,thick bone, square muzzle, and great guard dogs.


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